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Home Learning

Research has show that;

  • Students that complete regular, well designed Home Learning can make 5+ months more progress than those that don’t  (EEF, 2023). 

  • Engagement in Home-Learning causes an effect size of 0.64 (with 0.5 being the equivalent to a one grade leap at GCSE) (Hattie, 2014)

As an academy we believe in “Support Over Sanction”

We understand that it is important for students build great learning habits and we aim to help them do so in every aspect of their Priesthorpe journey. Rather than issue a whole academy  Home-Learning Detention, we believe inviting students to attend a Home-learning Hub will help build those habits in a positive environment

What is a Home-Learning Hub?

They take place in departments, supervised by teachers so they receive specialist support with their Home-Learning.

Students are able to attend the Hub to complete their Home-Learning, and leave when it is completed

Students are able to attend a hub without an invite if they require support before the due date.

What do we believe this approach achieves?

We believe Home-Learning hubs;

  1. Emphasise the role home-learning has in learning new knowledge
  2. Instil a sense of responsibility and ownership of learning
  3. Encourage students in forming learning habits
  4. Model how to engage in home-learning away from the classroom
  5. Support overall home-learning engagement

As a parent; “Working together”

We want to ensure that parents are given the tools and opportunity to help support their children to engage in the high quality Home-Learning (HL) provision. All HL is issues on ClassCharts, with a description of the task and the date it is due. This information is available through parent accounts so that you can see what HL is due, and when.

Please find further information below on how to access this information for your child.